YogaHut-Tapovan offers 12-week 500-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh, India. The Ashtanga Tristhana yoga is the original method of practicing yoga and experiencing the ultimate transformation of self from lower to higher level, the course is purposely designed for the progress of practitioner from any level of physical or intellectual ground. The course is spiritually purifies oneself from all the pain and blockage of physical and psychological back grounds. This course is guaranteed the best course for training as a yoga teacher or for getting balance and rooted in deeper and higher yogic knowledge. The well daily routine training program takes place over four weeks engrossing you in a traditional yogic lifestyle allowing you to focus on your inner and higher yogic self with the balancing and transforming flow of cosmic energy, Vedic and practical understanding of yogic path . Our resident instructor yoga master YogiPramod Heartily announce that “this program will be best for you whether you are considering teaching yoga or if you are seeking to improve your practice and love for yoga for personal growth.” The concern of this training program is to create yogic & spiritual Purification which can only be ground for happy pure and holistic life far from stress, guilt impurity, unbalance, painful ageing life path.


Anyone who so ever have a choice for joining the path of yoga for self purification and balancing the further life for peace and happiness with improving physical health or anyone who so ever want to lead yogic path as a teacher to spread the divine knowledge of yogic path to others life . anyone who so ever is living life with pain guilt impurities and wish to free they self for living life with love compassion and care in divine manner, are heartily welcome to join our 500 Hours Ashtanga Tristhana yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh India Himalaya.


Yoga TTC Highlights
  •   Effective communication skills
  •   considerate the student learning process
  •   Teaching As master mention and created Yoga. With The Support of Ancient traditional Scriptures of yoga As; Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hath Yoga Pradipka, Ghairand Smahint , Ashtanga, Traditional and Classical Hatha, Raja and Shivananda
  •   Developing a modified teaching approach
  •   Presenting and demonstrating ability for being a master yoga teacher for Hatha, Ashtanga, and Sivananda yoga asana practices
  •   Bringing the spiritual elements of yoga into your asana classroom
  •    Developing a Understanding and experience to your teacher skills
  •   Training for Assisting, adjusting, and aligning students
  •   Benefits and cautions of Yoga postures
  •   Advanced Hatha and Ashtanga techniques for body mind soul
  •   Advanced Pranayama techniques for purifying and gaining the ultimate balance of inner and outer self
  •   Bandhas (Yogic energy locks)
  •   Mudras (Yogic energy Gestures)
  •   Advanced Shatkarmas/Kriyas (cleansing techniques)
  •   Improvements for teaching classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students
  •   Basic understanding of vital force with Chakras and Human Anatomy and Physiology
  •   Basic Information of Ayurveda - panchakarma, seasonal regimen, nutrition and the yogic diet
  •   Basic information and practice of Kundalini, Chakras, and techniques for activating Kundalini
  •   Mantra Initiation (for Chanting and Meditation)
  •   Yoga Philosophy and theory from ancient scriptures of yoga
  •   Basic Information to care for common diseases with yoga and Ayurveda
  •   Yogic lifestyle
  •   Teaching workshop
  •   Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  •   Business aspects for yoga teachers

500 Hours Yoga TTC Syllabus

  • Vedic Mantra chanting with Ethics of the day.
  • Philosophy of Yoga Practice and Techniques of Shat karma (Cleansing techniques).
  • Practice and techniques and understanding of Asana (Physical postures)
  • Practice and techniques & effect of Pranayama (Breathing practices)
  • Practice & explanation of the level of Dhiyana (Meditation)
  • Fundamentals of Human Anatomy & Physiology and its interpretations/correlation in Yoga Teaching methodology
  • Practice and training of Shatkarma – The internal toxics cleansing process
  • Mantra Initiation and Chanting for getting enriched by holistic spiritual energy
  • Philosophy and scriptures sessions for detailed explanation of yogic path
  • Practical explanation of Kundalini and Chakras
  • Vedic Tradition of yoga and its diets

500 Hour Yoga TTC Daily Schedule and Course Dates

Yoga TTC Schedule per day
100 Hour Course Dates
Course Fees
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05:30 am - Wake Up - - -
06:00 am - Herbal Tea - - -
06:15 am - Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing - USD $750 Booked
06:30 am - Pranayama and Chanting - USD $750 Booked
07:30 am - Yoga Therapy | Yoga Asana - USD $750 Booked
09:00 am - Breakfast - USD $750 Booked
10:30 am - Yoga Therapy 1 April - 28 April 2017 USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses
03:30 pm - Yoga Anatomy ask for the date USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses
04:30 pm - Yoga Breathing | Yoga Nidra ask for the date USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses
05:00 pm - Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Asana ask for the date USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses
06:45 pm - Pranayama | Meditationy ask for the date USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses
7:15 pm - Dinner ask for the date USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses
10:45 pm - Lights Out ask for the date USD $750 Apply for Yoga Courses