Educational Categories of YogaHut

Interactive Techniques, instruction, and Practice

During the YogaHut-Tapovan Registered (Yoga Alliance) Yoga Teacher Training program you will practice and become skilled at teaching asana, pranayama, kriyas, meditation, mantra chanting, and other traditional yogic and meditation practices in Ashtanga Tristhana Yoga & Traditional Hatha Yoga .

Modern Teaching Methodology

Our specifically intended course program covers key skills that will help you to develop your current knowledge of teaching yoga. This program incorporates extensive teaching styles and covers topics such as: instruction and demonstration skills, the student learning process, modifications and the business aspects of yoga.

Small Class Size

Our Motive to educate one to one basis always been a great idea to keep our group size up to only 10 student in a course, it’s been loved by all of our students as they experience direct interact with the teacher and find more attention and support. Small class size give a personal practice sense without being distract by too many fallow practitioner, its keeps the atmosphere and energy of the class pure and holistic . Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Rishikesh educates you on how to effectively and assertively accomplish this.

Anatomy and Physiology

We integrate classes to develop your knowledge of human anatomy for the purpose of teaching yoga. You will learn how the muscles work together during different asana, as well as how the practice of yoga benefits the physical body. The course content will cover lessons on energy anatomy, including chakras and nadis as well.

Yoga Philosophy

Highly transforming and educating lectures by our Yoga master YogiPramod will expand your perception and give a deeper insight into the study of ancient yogic philosophy. These classes are intended to build a solid foundation and Understanding of yogic knowledge based on ancient yogic scriptures such as veda , Gita , Samhita and Yogic Darsan as ; Patanjali Yog Sutra , Gharand Smhinta , Hath Yog Pradipika , Shiva Samhinta and also From the Kundalini Details from Mhanirvana Tantra , or Kundalini Tantra from Raja Yoga .

Yoga Lifestyle and morals

Our Master YogiPramod believe that it’s more important to practice truly then learning everything on the path of yoga or to become a yoga teacher he often says that “it’s not important to learn everything but it’s definitely necessary to practice what you know” therefore our course motive is to make you deeply relate with your yogic practice and self depend on that , entire teaching of the course is with the faith of making you a living yogi whose inner and outer self is glooming with the light of self transformation into the path of fire and light. It’s always divine to teach or share knowledge with entire experience as yogi rather than just learned it from any book or session. That is why YogaHut-Tapovan excellent school to join when you are making choice to be a yogi for rest of your life.

Yoga and Health

Living as yogi and urge to purify body mind soul and balancing the vital cosmic energy channel in within is the aim of the course. Our course will definitely help you even if you are in pain or disorder of physical, mental or inner self. It’s been noticed that many of our students realized the hidden disorder of them and was able to heal properly.